Mishomis Point

This closing song was inspired by a visit to Mishoomis Point in Frenchman’s Head, on Lac Seul First Nation in the summer of 2017. In the 1930s, a reservoir was created by flooding Lac Seul for the construction of the Ear Falls dam, destroying manoomin beds, burial grounds, traditional fishing and hunting territories. One of the communities on the reserve was separated from the mainland and many families were relocated as a result of the flooding. Despite the destruction, Lac Seul is a beautiful and sacred place. The manoomin harvest is still practised in the surrounding lakes and other Anishinabeg communities. With careful stewardship, manoomin can return to Lac Seul and flourish on Turtle Island for future generations.

Mishomis Point

Words and music by Beverley McKiver (SOCAN)

There’s a place where I’ve never been before

When I get there I’ll know that I’m home

Where the eagles fly above my head

And my toes are warm in the sand


Unseen hands brought me to this place

Unseen hands brushed away my tears

Together we’ll stand in this place once more

And we’ll know that our love is strong

I stand on the shore of the lake of grief

Where the laughter of children is gone

I find a feather on the ground

And I know that hope is still here.


I hear the voices of ones so dear

Whom I’ve never met before

I see their spirits in my child

And I know that they endure


What once was lost can be found again

What was broken can mend and heal

With so much beauty all around

I forget my sorrow and pain.