You Must Go

Seven visionaries came among the Anishinabeg. They spoke of seven fires to come which would be accompanied by times of severe hardship and danger. The Anishinabeg’s only hope was to leave their home and travel to the west where they would find food growing on the water. Naturally, the Anishinabeg were reluctant to leave. They had everything they needed for a good life. The prophets insisted they must leave or perish.

  • Seven Fire Prophesies
    • Seven visionaries come to the Anishinaabeg.
    • They warn the people of dire times to come.
    • They tell of a land where food grows on the water and where the people will be safe.
    • The people do not wish to leave
    • The prophets insist. If the people do not leave, they will die.
    • The people continue to protest. They do not wish to leave the good life.
    • The prophets tell the people that moving to the land to the west is their only chance for survival
    • Ultimately, the choice belongs to the people